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free accounts

I don't want to keep you waiting any longer, so here it is:



click here to get a


You can get your own free PowerPhlogger-account hosted on my server by clicking on the "Sign up for a free user-account!" link.
WARNING: There is a log limit on freelogger.com. Accounts are limited to 30,000 logs (unique hits). Additionally, only the last 500 visitor paths will be kept.
If you got your PowerPhlogger-account hosted on freelogger.com you won't be able to directly log into your account on phpee.com, you should use the log-in on freelogger.com instead.

After signing-up you'll get an email notification that covers the basics of how to set up PowerPhlogger. There is a documentation @ doc.html - It's still in production and doesn't cover everything about PowerPhlogger. Please don't bug us with silly questions, rather post in the PowerPhlogger support forum - THANKS!


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