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Finally I managed to make my script available to public! Since June 2000 I'm working on Power Phlogger.
Maybe you still remember my old site. The design was completely ripped from freshmeat.net - shame on me!!

Now, as I'm ready to provide you with a working version of PowerPhlogger I decided to redesign that site. Guess I'm mature enought now to create my own design and not steal other people's work! here it is!

Through PowerPhlogger I got into PHP. Before I didn't know anything about that great scripting language. I started to love it and got almost addicted to it!


that's me:

You might have heard of "Phlogger" before. Right, there is a script on the market from Philip Olson called Phlogger. His script gave me the right input to start that whole project. Actually, the only thing that has been taken from Phlogger is the design of the logging-table. Why I call it PowerPhlogger? - Simple 'cause I'm another Philip and Philip-logger would sound weird. I like the name Phlogger and I give all credits to Philip Olson!

I still remember the first days of PowerPhlogger... It was a small counter that I used for my own site. I was looking around for better scripts but I couldn't find any useful stuff. So I just decided to build my own counter.
Power Phlogger got to a more and more powerful script. First I was writing the logs into files. Then I built it out to a free-counter-system where you can create user-accounts and I started to call Power Phlogger through JavaScript, that everyone will be able to use it.

My code was messed up (actually it still is a bit!) and I realized that writing all those files was not the right way to do it. I got into mySQL and rebuilt the whole script.

Thanx to all those coders I got all those great lines of PHP from! You helped a lot in building this tool!

Philip Iezzi, Wachterweg 1, CH-8057 Zurich, SWITZERLAND

check my other sites:
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www.iezzi.ch - my personal page
www.uhuclan.com - sickobrothers
www.nycrazy.com - my NYC-adventure
www.freelogger.com - the right place to get a FREE PowerPhlogger-account!

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