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credits to...
thanx to all ya coders!!!

Well, I didn't start this whole project all by myself! As everyone else does, I ripped some useful stuff together from various other scripts.
The idea of a website-counter I took from Philip Olson's Phlogger, the idea how to store the data in a regular text-file I took from Sascha Blansaar. Lateron I started with mySQL and updated my whole code. I got a lot of good ideas out of Tobias Ratschillers nice tool called phpMyAdmin. Just great that script!! Lateron I was inspired by LesVisiteurs.
There were many other scripts involved in my counter. Thanx to all you guys who taught me PHP, the greates scripting language around the world!!

 language localization  credits to:  
en - English me <>
de - German Carsten Albrecht <>
es - Spanish John Saracho <>
it - Italian Michele Luongo <>
Matteo Bettineschi <>
Luca Mercuri <>
fr - French Steve Aguet <>
se - Swedish Erik Holmquist <>
Mattias Pettersson <>
bh - Bosnian A. Bakaran <>
ro - Romanian Nemecsek Einar <>
ru - Russian Alex Hartmann <>
nl - Dutch Marco Broeken <>
po - Brazilian Portugese Lacy Amorim <>
tw - Traditional Chinese Danny <>
cn - Chinese Simplified Danny <>
jp - Japanese Haruki Setoyama <>
no - Norwegian Basse <>
tr - Turkish Canberk <>
pl - Polish Wojciech Dorosz <>
gr - Greek Takis Papadopoulos <>
dk - Danish Jan <>
lv - Latvian Ansis Ataols Bçrziòð <>
lt - Lithuanian Arvydas Vapsva <>


phpMyAdmin 2.5.1  
Author: (original author) Tobias Ratschiller <tobias@phpwizard.net>
Download: phpMyAdmin-2.5.1-php.tar.gz
Homepage: http://www.phpmyadmin.net/
License: free (GPL)
  phpMyAdmin is intended to handle the adminstration of MySQL over the web. Currently it can:
- create and drop databases
- create, copy, drop and alter tables
- delete, edit and add fields
- execute any SQL-statement, even batch-queries
- manage keys on fields
- load text files into tables
- create and read dumps of tables
- export data to CSV values
- administer multiple servers and single databases


Les Visiteurs 2.0.1  
Author: Jean-Pierre DEZELUS <jpdezelus@phpinfo.net>
Download: visiteurs-2.0.1.zip
Homepage: www.phpinfo.net
License: free (GPL)
  Great site statistic!! One of the best tools I've seen! 1A French-design!
I took that nice "calendar"-feature out of his script. Show's daily/monthly hits.


Phlogger 1.0beta  
Author: Philip Olson <king-of-phlogger@theprojects.org>
Download: view code
Homepage: http://theprojects.org
License: free (GPL)
  Phlogger is a simple agent / referer / ip / time logging system that integrates traceroute and referer lookup and doesn't use a db. not for everyone but is for some. this is for low traffic pages but a db version will live soon.


html.mime.mail 2.0.2  
Author: Richard Heyes <richard.heyes@heyes-computing.net>
Download: download html.mime.mail
Homepage: www.phpguru.org
License: free (GPL)
  A class for sending mime based email. It can send:
- HTML Email
- HTML Email with embedded images
- HTML Email with attachments
- HTML Email with embedded images and attachments
- Text email
- Text email with attachments


MPCount 1.02  
Author: Sascha Blansjaar <sascha@phtml.com>
Download: mpcount102.zip
Homepage: http://phtml.com
License: free (GPL)
  MPCount is a multiple page counter which stores the number of hits and the date when started counting per page in a single text file. Entries are separated by pipes "|" and split in to an array while reading.
DLcount 1.00  
Download: dlcount100.zip
License: free (GPL)
  DLCount counts the number of downloads and stores the results in a single text file. Includes DLCount Admin to view your counter stats in a table. DLCount can also be used to count how many times a link was clicked on.


by the way, Michele Luongo was my Alpha-tester back in 2000.
Thanx a lot!! You did a great job!


www.freshmeat.net -  the largest index of Linux software on the Web.
The place to find all new releases
www.hotscripts.com -  whole bunch of scripts. Great to start with JavaScript or PHP
php.resourceindex.com - all kind of PHP resources. lots of scripts
www.phpbuilder.com -  great PHP Forum - PHP-master Vincent will solve all your problems!!
www.phpinfo.net -  nice French site from JP Dezelus, a friend of Grouike, the master of all guestbooks - funny guy!
www.php.net -  official PHP site
www.mysql.com -  official mySQL site
www.dynamic-webpages.de -  German page with some nice tutorials
www.dynamicdrive.com -  no1 DHTML site - nice scripts, easy to implement


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