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your contribution to PowerPhlogger...

[Jan 2002]
There is a lot of work behind PowerPhlogger. Since July 2000 I'm working on this project and PowerPhlogger still keeps growing and growing and getting better and better.
Till now I was doing this all by myself. Some of you helped me out by providing me with some lines of code or giving me new ideas for new features. Thanks to all you guys!

For a couple of weeks, work on PPhlogger3 has started. I'd like to welcome our new developer Rocco! He is going to help me with the whole redesign of PowerPhlogger that is scheduled for fall 2002. We're starting to work together through CVS. Check our CVS web tree.
If you would like to contribute, send us your code and we're going to include it in one of our next releases. I'm open for a growing development-team, so let me know.

Another way to contribute, of course, is sending us money! :)
PowerPhlogger runs under the GNU Public License. This is an open-source project and our software is free. Still, any donations are greatly appreciated.
We're not selling any commercial licenses or stuff like that, but we gratefully accept your donation if you feel like contributing in this way. We appreciate any amount, this is up to you.

Click on the following image and you'll be able to make a credit-card payment via PayPal:

Thanks a lot!
Philip Iezzi

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