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FAQ - Frequent Asked Questions

There is a forum that will answer all your questions: >>>PowerPhlogger support forum <<< !!!
Please do not send me any questions through email. Post them in the forum and I'm going to answer them as soon as possible!
I'm not going to answer everything that concerns PHP! If it's not about PowerPhlogger, please contact a php-Forum like phpbuilder.com

This area is designed to answer the most common questions about my script.
Please also check the Documentation for further information.





• How do I make my counter visible on my page ?
• What's showhits.php for ?
• How do I track referers in frames ?
• I need to use .php3 or some other extension, not .php.
• How do make download-hits visible on my page?


 How do I make my counter visible on my page ? 


Make sure you've selected 'visible' in your user settings.
On the pages you wish to make it visible you need to set the showme variable. That's how you do it:

<script>showme='y'; st='img';</script>
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src="pphlogger.js"></script>
<img alt="" src="http://<www.your-host.com>/<your-install-dir>/pphlogger.php?id=phpee_com&showme=y&st=img">

If Javascript is disabled, the NOSCRIPT-Tag will run instead of pphlogger.js. In this case screen resolution / color will not be logged.

If you wish to display your counter somewhere else on your page, use showhits.php
This script will not log your visitors or modify your database. Its only purpose is to show the counter.

<img alt="" src="<your-install-dir>/showhits.php?id=your_username">

for further information please check the PowerPhlogger documentation:

 What's showhits.php for? 


showhits.php makes your counter visible, no matter if you set it to visible or not in your user settings. By calling this script you'll be able to show the following information:
[type] = hits | pageviews | today | todayviews | month | monthviews

call it like this:

<img src="showhits.php?id=your_username"> , or like this:
<img src="showhits.php?id=your_username&type=[type]">

For further information please check the documentation inside of showhits.php or read the PowerPhlogger documentation:

 How do I track referers in frames ? 


edit your pphlogger.js file:
uncomment (remove the '//') the following line on top of the file: pp_frames = TRUE;
WARNING: This may cause a Javascript security error on several browsers in case your frameset is not located on the same domain.
For people using a "stealth frame" like Namezero or MyDomain offers, it will be impossible to track referrers!

 I need to use .php3 or some other extension, not .php. 


The extension .php is the prefered default extension for all PHP4 versions. It is the extension used by the PHP team and Zend.com. For this reason, PowerPhlogger comes with this extension.
The easiest way is to use this extension is to make Apache or your webserver parse these as PHP files. In Apache you need to add a line like:

AddType application/x-httpd-php3 .php

If that is not an option, you can change it by following these steps:

  1. change ALL .php file extensions to your new extension.
    You can do this manually or by using the following script: /upgrade/extchange.php (see instructions inside the file!)
  2. edit main_location.inc and change define('CFG_PHPEXT', 'php'); to your new extension

 How do make download-hits visible on my page? 


Use showhits.php and call it up through an IMG-Tag, PHP, or JavaScript.
Check the instructions inside showhits.php and check the samples in the
PowerPhlogger documentation:
Instead of using type=[type] you specify the download-URL:



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