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  • user sign-up page that allows users to create accounts
  • logs host/ip (proxy & 'real' IP !!), referer, agent, time&date, resolution&color, online-time, pageimpressions
  • traceroutes by above.net
  • stores IP-adress+cookie to avoid multiple hits by the same user (you can set a timeout)
  • multiple page count - include PPhlogger on ALL your pages throughout your whole site
  • mail-notice - PPhlogger sends you an email every xx hits
  • phlogview - view all data and get a mySQL-dump for backup purposes (incl. logs-by-date search)
  • optional: download-count
  • Top X referers, Top keywords (single-word or full-string mode)
  • Top X domains, Top territories
  • Top resolution, Top color
  • browser/OS stats
  • Calendar - shows your daily/monthly unique hits or pageimpressions
  • Visitors per day / per hour graph
  • enable/disable your own hits (set a cookie)
  • show/hide referers in logs
  • (re)set your page hits
  • delete entries in your logfile
  • demo-mode to make stats avail. to public
  • generate a pic to make hits visible on your page (requires GD-library!) - user may choose his own TTF-font, bg/fg-color, font-size >>> unlimited styles!!
  • CSS-editor: user may create his own StyleSheet or choose a default style (phloggstyle / phpeestyle / sahara / cartesia / lila / metal)
  • timezone support - user may choose his own GMT-time
  • multi-language support with localization files
  • average online-time
  • supports unlimited alternate URLs
  • visitor-path - shows the path were the visitor browsed through your site

    admin page includes:

  • set up new useraccounts and notifies the new user (incl. attachment)
  • delete useraccounts, clean-up unconfirmed or expired useraccounts , edit useraccounts
  • shows all user-configurations
  • mailing-list feature
  • plug-ins: FTP-diskspace, multiple file upload
  • shows your system status (checks for ports on your server)
  • show last X customers that entered Phlogview
  • CSS-editor

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