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>>> 11-01-03 PowerPhlogger 2.2.5 out now!
This is another maintenance-only release. It does NOT contain any new features! It is strongly recommended to upgrade to 2.2.5 as this version fixes some minor security exploits.

>>> 06-19-03 PowerPhlogger 2.2.4 out now!
This is just a maintenance release. It does NOT contain any new feature. Please upgrade to 2.2.4 as this version fixes a major security exploit in PPhlogger. (credits to Lucian Kafka from www.conexim.com.au)

>>> 10-02-02 PowerPhlogger 2.2.3 out now!
Again, there's not a lot of new features in this release but a couple of fixes instead. This version also eliminates all ipcheck-tables. Each useraccount now only requires you two tables instead of three. For people with a huge amount of useraccounts, this might have a positive effect on performance.

>>> 09-12-02 PPhlogger3 project information is now available!
Finally we are going to inform you about the future of PowerPhlogger. We no longer want to make a secret out of what is going on with the code base of PPhlogger...

>>> 07-19-02 PowerPhlogger 2.2.2b out now!
...another maintenance release for 2.2.2a. No new features but a couple of fixes that might solve your problems.

>>> 07-11-02 downtime 07/10 3:00 AM - 07/11 2:00 PM (GMT +01)
Due to a power outage at our University, the whole VLAN broke down and our server was unreachable during that time. Affected was also freelogger.com. Thanks to everybody for your patience.

>>> 05-20-02 Phpee.com hacked!
Yep, the Phpee.com server was hacked using the known and fixed security bugs in Phorum 3.3.2a. The German intruder accessed our server Tue, 14th May. He gained root-access and uploaded 11 GB (!!) of data. Friday-night we had to take the server off the net. Sorry about this downtime that affected also freelogger.com from Fr-night to Sa-afternoon.
If you're interested about Phorum's remote command execution vulnerability, read this article by neworder.box.sk
Well, no phpee.com related data has been deleted, but still it has been 5 days of hard work to get rid of this intruder! PowerPhlogger is an OpenSource project and it's pretty annoying that such a silly script-kiddie has nothing better to do than attacking us. well, well, well...

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 changelog  plain-text: CHANGELOG
PowerPhlogger CHANGELOG

$Id: CHANGELOG 3018 2008-06-01 21:22:52Z piezzi $

PowerPhlogger 3.0
PowerPhlogger has not had any active development for more than 2 years. 
The announced successor Phlogger3 will not be released. Also, I am not 
able to provide you with support for any previous version.

Former project information is available on:

PowerPhlogger 2.2.6                                             xx-xx-xx
[[[ new features ]]]
+ added Lithuanian language files by Arvydas Vapsva
+ added Persian language files by Sohail Salehi
+ added Chinese search engines by Marphy Wong
+ added Czech search engines by neQik

[[[ changes/fixes ]]]
- get_css.php: CSS workaround for problems with zlib.output_compression
- fixed problems with undefined table variables
- get_userdata.php: fixed SQL injection vulnerability
- edCss.php: fixed SQL injection vulnerability

PowerPhlogger 2.2.5                                             10-31-03
[[[ new features ]]]
+ added type 'all' to showhits.php to show all information (by Niko)

[[[ changes/fixes ]]]
- fixed security exploit in showhits.php (reported by Dmytro Bogatskyy)
- fixed security exploit in get_userdata.php, dspSignup.php
  (reported by Dmytro Bogatskyy)
- changed $tbl_* variables to constants
- fixed CSS problems (reported by Alexander Schwethelm)
- strip input text in showhits.php and dlcount.php
  (reported by Silvio Schneider)
- avoid multiple calls to session_start(). As of PHP 4.3.3 this throws
  an error of level E_NOTICE.
- fixed broken image problem with uppercase TLDs (reported by Reinhard)

PowerPhlogger 2.2.4                                             06-19-03
[[[ new features ]]]
+ URL handling: short query strings can now be specified in a "OPT-OUT"
  way by using e.g. "* -q -sessid"
+ added Japanese language files by Haruki Setoyama

[[[ changes/fixes ]]]
- updated Italian language files by Ganodesign
- updated Swedish language files by Mattias Pettersson
- updated Polish language files by mIRC.pl
- now encoding email address in footer to prevent spam bots
- added Konqueror 3(.0) browser detection to yabd.inc.php (by Boegli)
- fix for buggy ereg handling in PHP 4.0.4, functions.lib.php: getHEX()
  (by Nick)
- removed plug-ins from the /admin/plugins directory (deprecated)
- fixed security exploit (credits to Lucian Kafka, www.conexim.com.au)

PowerPhlogger 2.2.3                                             10-02-02
[[[ new features ]]]
+ added local traceroute script (/actions/trace.php)
+ added Ukranian search-engines (by MDG)
+ admin maintenance: New "force deletion" to force the deletion of old 
  logs/visitor paths according to the settings dellog_lim/delpath_lim

[[[ changes/fixes ]]]
- pphl_xxxxx_ipcheck tables are deprecated and have been removed
  now using pphl_xxxxx_logs instead
- improving speed by adding INDEX's to pphl_xxxxx_logs
- trackPath() -> getNewPath(), combining two UPDATE's to a single one
- changed default traceroute path from above.net to getnet.com
  (If this setting is kept empty, PPhlogger will use local traceoutes)
- loglist: open external links in new window (target="_blank")
- added Earthlink, AT&T to engines-list.ini
- updated htmlMimeMail class from 2.0.3 to 2.5.1
- plain email mode in setup.php, step 2 - This will prevent the 
  attachment of pphlogger.js in the confirmation email.
- fixed ValidEmail() in libmail.mod.php, now works with TLDs like .info
- slightly improved XHTML compliance
- updated Dutch language files by Rob den Toom
- rewrite of /include/delLogs.inc.php, now using LogsCleanUp class
- added PPHL_DB_LOCK constant for easy database locking during upgrades
- using constants for DB configuration
- added setting PPHL_DB_PORT, PPHL_DB_PERSISTENT to config.inc.php

PowerPhlogger 2.2.2b                                            07-19-02
[[[ new features ]]]
+ added Russian search-engines (by SeazoN)

[[[ fixes ]]]
- fixed problems with MP-list, multi-page logging
- using constant PPHL_SCRIPT_PATH instead of $rel_path
- fixed problem where screen resolution was 'undefined'
- updated French language file (fr.inc.php) by Eric Blas
- added hour component for online times
- calTableSize() now also works with InnoDB (MySQL-Max)
- workaround for cookies in IIS no longer necessary since IIS 5.1
- workaround for UTF-8 encoding in query-strings
- added detection of Netscape7/Mozilla 1.x in yabd.lib.php
- fixed display problems with NS 4.7x

PowerPhlogger 2.2.2a                                            04-30-02
[[[ new features ]]]
+ new CSS: tierwaisen (by Erik)

[[[ fixes ]]]
- fixed visitors-per-hour view, 'today' should now work
- great speed-up for visitors-per-hour
- optimized upd_2.2.1-2.2.2.php
- full browser/OS-strings in dspBrowserOs.php
- faster table-size calculation in edSettings.php
- fixed loglist-search for resolution
- changed disposition to "attachment" instead of "inline" in libmail
- more efficient calcTableSize(): no more exhausted memory limit errors
  in admin2's [calc table size]
- fixed problems with indexes in ISAM-tables (mySQL 3.22.xx) in 
  pphl_xxxxx_logs, pphl_xxxxx_mpdl, and pphl_agents
- various other fixes for ISAM-tables
- fixed endless-loop problems in mySQL 3.22.xx, where LAST_INSERT_ID()
  was used in tables with an AUTO_INCREMENT row (pphl_xxxxx_mpdl)
- hiding tblsize in admin2 + admin5 if mySQL < 3.23.03
- reload-link in admin5.php instead of cached table size calculation
- corrections in se.inc.php (by Mattias Pettersson)
- fixed date in from... to... in dspLogs.php (User-time instead of GMT)
- major security patch !! (now using constants for include-files)

PowerPhlogger 2.2.2                                             04-14-02
[[[ new features ]]]
+ multiple log deletion (checkboxes)
+ visitors per hour graph
+ unite downloads with the same filename
+ referer blocking
+ new CSS: doggy (by Sandra), caits & iceage (by Carsten)
  xt-design (by Moritz Donhauser, xt-design.de)
+ added colorpages 21-40 by Gabi
+ possibility to OPTIMIZE usr/adm tables
+ updated FAQ section in doc.html (/docs/FAQ does no longer exist)
+ added Italian search engines by Marco Chiesi and Gano
+ rewrite of pphlogger.js, now autodetects frameset
+ simpler md5-login (JS), updated /include/md5.js
+ added more search-engines (by Kalvin)
+ set CSS directly in CSS-editor
+ added language localizations:
  Danish by Jan <support@gullestrupnet.dk>
+ better mpdl-editor, now supporting multiple mpdl deletion
+ better timezone support (all timezones, language localized)
+ rewrite of setup.php: user-friendly, language support
+ own referrer blocking

[[[ changes/fixes ]]]
- better performance for stats and admin2 (added index for mpdl- and
  users-table) by Carsten
- workaround for dumb users who use their redir-URL instead of the 
  correct one in their URL-list
- fixed pphlogger.js bug, where title didn't get escaped
- fixed domain table for Turkish/Greek language
- changed visitor paths default to On
- it's now easier to change file extensions (see FAQ in doc.html)
- fixed calcTableSize() problem with table prefixes
- fixed some addslashes()/urldecode() problems
- fixed bug in last X referrers list
- hide signup page if signup_ok = false
- fix for servers where HTTP_ADDR is not set, using HTTP_HOST
- fixed GMT timestamp problems in calendar (changing of month)
- fix in yabd.lib.php, where browser-string was not found in $arr_brows
- calendar data now gets stored as serialized data in the cache-table
- mysql_close() now in register_shutdown_function to keep connection
  open for further use in showhits.php if st='php'
- drop visible_style (deprecated) in pphlogger_users table
- ENUM --> TINYINT conversation
  in PPhlogger3 we're going to use the more standardized TINYINT instead
  of ENUM. TINYINT(1) is used as a BOOL in this context.
- new logid format: now using AUTO_INCREMENT instead of PHP's uniqid()
  more reliable and uses less space VARCHAR(13) --> INT
- fixed some login problems
- moved all agent-strings to new table pphlogger_agents
  agent now stored as ID to save database size
- entrypoint/path now stored as ID (entryid INT UNSIGNED, path TEXT)
- mp's no longer get stored as full URLs! They all get cut down using
  the rulesets defined in short-query/index settings - better pureURL()
- CSS now stored as IDs
- xxxxx_logs: res VARCHAR(9) --> res_w INT, res_h INT
- new default table prefix 'pphl_', added /upgrade/prefix_change.php
- fixed problem that occurred with multiple emails in userprofile
- moved all desc_xx in pphl_domains to new lang-files (xx_tld.inc.php)

PowerPhlogger 2.2.1                                             01-06-02
[[[ new features ]]]
+ extended CSS capabilities (color_1t, color_1a,...)
+ added winamp and gentoo CSS (gentoo.org style)
+ added libmail (HTML mime mail is no longer default)
+ ability to use counter images without Freetype support using GD's 
  built-in fonts.
+ better gd image support detection for PHP >= 4.0.2
+ validating code against XHTML 1.0 standards
+ check for username syntax

[[[ fixes ]]]
- fixed /admin/delete_user.php (register_globals = Off)
- fixed problems with prefixes in tables
- more secure login-form
- using onSubmit() instead of onClick() for login-form (now also works
  with NS6)
- admin1: fixed redirection when trying to delete a non-existing user
- updated Swedish language file (se.inc.php) by Mattias Pettersson
- updated Polish language file (pl.inc.php) by Wojciech Dorosz

PowerPhlogger 2.2.0                                             12-24-01
[[[ new features ]]]
+ asc/desc order in admin2
+ ability to log document titles by Carsten Albrecht <albrecht@caits.de>
+ added Greek language localization by Takis <ingraf@aias.gr>
+ added German documentation doc_de.html
+ new css: mmstyle
+ caching of tables in dspStats.php
+ database table size view (in edSettings.php and admin2.php)

[[[ fixes ]]]
- moved all count() functions out of loops (minor speed increase)
- updated Italian language files by Luca Mercuri <mer@libero.it>
- added DOCTYPE tag
- PRIMARY KEY in xxxxx_mpdl now spans over type,url
- better htmlStatTable(), fixes problems in dspStats.php
- fixed plug-ins (admin5)
- class.html.mime.mail updated from 2.0.2 to 2.0.3
- adding http:// where user didn't specify it
- md5 encryption for login-form: default is again off (you can change
  this in setup.php, step 3)

PowerPhlogger 2.2.0-RC2                                         12-02-01
[[[ new features ]]]
+ user can set index.* files to be treated the same as /
+ URL handling: short query strings (user can specify if whole/part of 
   the query string gets stripped off the URL)
+ yesterday's hits in showhits.php
+ rewrite of admin userprofile list (can now be limited and sorted)
+ PrevNext bar [ prev 1 2 3 ... next ] in admin userprofile list
+ added Polish language localization by Wojciech <wojtek@serwisy.net>
+ 'loopback_bug' setting for f2s users
+ country flag images in top domain list
+ time-period view for browser/OS
+ last X referrers (full-URL list)
+ complete rewrite of the mailing list feature (now with preview)

[[[ fixes ]]]
- fixed calendar image (was not able to display previous months)
- fixed start_date in email notifications, now in county specific format
- fixed serious bug when dellog_lim_d was enabled
- fixed GMT timestamp problems in calendar and loglist
- better 'real IP' detection
- users didn't get logged in admin3
- more efficient log-deletion
- security fix in db_dump.php
- fixed all upgrade scripts. Now ready to upgrade from any version 
  to 2.2.0-RC2

PowerPhlogger 2.2.0-RC1                                         11-18-01
[[[ new features ]]]
+ secure login using PHP4's session managment in combination with 
  encrypted password (JS)
+ dynamic CSS generation. new CSS editor that allows to create user-
  defined styles
+ visitor's navigation path
+ proxy and "real" IP detection
+ better engines-list.ini parsing
  (allow different search query identifiers)
+ PrevNext bar [ prev 1 2 3 ... next ] for loglist and admin3
+ show_vis_per_day.php is now able to show current data if included on 
  your own page
+ removed necessity of register_globals and added grab_globals.lib.php
  (this may solve some people's login-problems)
+ language support for domain-list
  (currently en, de, cn, cnb, pl, nl, fr, es)
+ removed diskspace / upload features in admin4
+ added new css: metal
+ all dates are now stored in GMT
+ now supports full URLs in usersettings
  (works now also with https://...)

[[[ fixes ]]]
- faster log deletion if you limit by number of logs
- charset is now set with header() instead of meta-tag
- htmlentities() of agent-information
- pphlogger.php, problem occured when magic_quotes_gpc was disabled 
  and agent contained quotes
- pphlogger_send now also works on win32
- class.html.mime.mail updated from 1.34 to 2.0.2
- using trim() to strip whitespace in your_url
- confirmation mail with attachment now works on win32 (fixed in 2.1.4d)
- changed language codes: ge->de, sp->es
- Pragma: no-cache in header
- using <?php starting tags instead of <?
  (problems with short_open_tag = Off)
- fixed upgrade/mpdl_cleanup.php
- active logid sometimes got lost
- removed unused 'ok' column in log-tables

PowerPhlogger 2.1.4d mySQL                                      07-15-01
+ mp/downloads edit function (hidden for guest-users)
+ availability to dynamically serve pphlogger.js

- complete rewrite of load_sql.php
  (fixes problems with creating new users when magic_quotes_runtime
   was enabled)
- fixed ipcheck.php
  (wrong hit-counting when visitor had dynamic IP / cookies enabled)
- fixed cookie problems in admin2
- fixed cookie problem in signup.php
- use $admin_mail instead of webmaster@$server_dom
- removed 'top.' in pphlogger.js
- better log deletion (dellog_lim)
- fixed top-territories percentage
- changed your_url, ipblock, cache from BLOB to TEXT
- OPTIMIZE TABLE for pphlogger_cache

PowerPhlogger 2.1.4c mySQL                                      06-30-01
(no new features! a couple of more fixes)
- fixed login cookie-problem, works now without reloading
- 'stat 1'... now editable in language files
- rewrite of full_screenres()
- updated screenres_refresh.php (fixes 'res' datatype)
- added Polish search engines (by eM)

PowerPhlogger 2.1.4b mySQL                                      06-25-01
(no new features! just minor fixes)
- fixed for pphlogger.js
  (NS didn't always get logged when called with st='js')
- fixed online user highlighting
- fixed 'exit if no valid URL'

PowerPhlogger 2.1.4  mySQL                                       06-17-01
+ text visibility (showhits.php called by JavaScript or PHP)
+ showhits.php is now able to show download hits+ top search engines
+ userprofile: color-palette to choose FG and BG color
+ IP blocking list
+ documentation: how to make your counter visible...
+ better browser detection (YABD - Yet Another Browser Detector)
+ search engines stats

- fixes indexing problem on browser/version/system
  that occurred in mySQL versions prior to 3.23
- added dutch search engines to engines-list.ini (by Madberry)

PowerPhlogger 2.1.3b mySQL                                       06-04-01
(no new features!)
Now PowerPhlogger is ready for different file-extensions other than
'.php3'. Default is now .php but to change it is pretty easy.

PowerPhlogger 2.1.3 mySQL                                        05-28-01
+ browser/OS stats (stats3)
+ extracted agent information (browser, ver, OS)
+ Server link in logs
+ user search function in admin2
+ admin mailing-list feature
+ password privacy: admin won't get noticed about pw-changes
  (unless he changes this option to false)
+ online timeout value can be set by user
+ mp value & online-time are now getting updated
+ screen resolution now stored as '[width]x[height]'
+ new languages: Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Chinese Simplified

- entering account does now update last_access
- entering a useraccount with the activated admin-cookie
  does now prevent updating last_access
- fixed show_keywords() in functions.php3
- fixed dlcount.php3, does now use the correct URL
- removed all semicolons in mysql_query() statements
- code clean-up in functions.php3
- removes spaces in new usernames

PowerPhlogger 2.1.2 mySQL                                        04-23-01
+ keyword list mode: single words / full strings
  can be set in user settings
+ redesign of admin pages. Split up into admin 1-4
+ unlimited alternate URL
+ showhits.php3 shows the following information:
  hits, daily, monthly hits/views, online users, customers
+ added new css: cartesia.css, lila.css
+ user account cleanup allows to delete unused accounts
+ TTF font viewer shows all available fonts

- signup page now validates email addresses
- added urldecode() to avoid wrong URL-stripping

PowerPhlogger 2.1.1d mySQL                                       03-25-01
+ pageimpressions per user
+ Visitors per day / total pageimpressions graphic
+ updated calendar caching function (without storing html)
  needs 98% less space and is a lot faster
+ new update_calendar() function combines caching
  and calculating most recent days
+ split-up Stat page into two separate pages
+ search function for view1_logs
+ highlights online users on logs-page
+ admin mode option to edit useraccounts
+ avg mp / avg online
+ new style: sahara.css

- using stristr() in show_keywords()
- dlcount.php3 checks for file-existence
- fixed online values in pphlogger_userlog
- added mysql_close() to avoid too many connections

PowerPhlogger 2.1.1b mySQL                                       02-24-01
(no major changes!)
+ added Russian lang-file
+ phpixel.php3 generates 1x1 gifs used in diskspace.php3 'on the fly'
   (without using gd)

- keywords are now getting added correctly into xxxxx_mpdl

PowerPhlogger 2.1.1 mySQL                                        02-18-01
+ user sign-up page (ALPHA state)
   users are now able to create accounts on their own
+ calendar shows now also monthly averages
+ caching calendar to reduce server load
+ Top Res & Top Color
+ search engine keyword extraction:
   list of search-engines is now stored in an ini-file
+ Top keywords
+ average online time
+ ability to change mySQL table-names or table prefix
+ User can download pphlogger.js in case he had lost that file
+ ADMIN: confirm-status of each user can be set
+ ADMIN: reload keywords, clean-up useraccounts

- replaced tablenames with variables, you're now able to change them
- mysql_domains corrected
- final fix of the broken-image problem - :) well, I hope so!!

PowerPhlogger 2.1.0c mySQL                                       02-09-01
+ multi-language support added
   current localization-files: English, German, Spanish
+ logs by date
   click on calendar or enter start-date and end-date

- removed 'IF NOT EXISTS' (mySQL 3.23+) in CREATE TABLE.
  Now checking for table existence.
- division by zero in calendar.php3
- Image generation should now also work with GDlib versions
  prior to 1.6
- fixed limit-function. removed DELETE LIMIT BY
- fixed broken-image problem

PowerPhlogger 2.1.0b mySQL                                       02-04-01
+ added GMT feature
   each user can choose his timezone
+ limit user-logs to a specific number or days
   all old entries get deleted automatically
+ show/hide userdata in /admin/
+ Top territories
   added column 'area' in mysql_domains.sql
   extracted TLDs from hostnames in the logs-table

simplified randPw-function
fix in cutURL-function
created indexes on pphlogger_domains and xxxxx_logs
 (to speed up Top territorries)

PowerPhlogger 2.1.0  mySQL                                       01-25-01
+ whole new design - two different CSS-styles !!
+ split up into several pages: logs, stats, settings,
+ added IMAGE-SUPPORT using the GD-library
   finally you're able to make your counter visible!
   choose TTFont, bg-/fg-color, font-size
+ Top X domains
+ minor changes in /admin

PowerPhlogger 2.0.9  mySQL                                       01-14-01
+ show/hide referers in logs (turn showref on/off)
+ demo-mode - you can configure your account that visitors
   are able to login as guest to check your logs
+ Calendar!! - shows your daily/monthly hits
+ Top X Referers

minor security fix: reset hits checks now for pw
ipcheck now also checks for cookie
changed table-design

PowerPhlogger 2.0.8  mySQL                                       01-09-01
added admin mode
fixed "create new user" - now sends pphlogger.js attached
admin mode shows all users with settings and direct links
admin users are able to see last customers that were
 logged in to PowerPhlogger
referers from search-engines are parsed and highlighted
www.phpee.com was redesigned

PowerPhlogger 2.0.6  mySQL                                       12-31-00
complete redesign (3 full days of work !!!)
PowerPhlogger operates now with a mySQL database
extended "currently online users" to store the online
 time for each log
mySQL dump function
dl and multipages are stored in the same table
disk space / sys status hidden if user is no admin
removed attachment in mail-notice (replaced by mySQL-dump)
limit hit function added

PowerPhlogger 2.0.3                                              12-10-00
"get new pw"-feature
ipcheck function added - count only unique visitors
 user may choose a timeout
currently online users
all user configuration is stored in a global file
v. 2.03a: unique download-count (cookie)
delete logs now sets back the counter -1
various bug-fixes
>> last version without requiring mySQL

PowerPhlogger 2.0.1                                              12-05-00
redesigned to make PowerPhlogger available to anyone
PowerPhlogger can be called by JavaScript if no PHP avail.
 screen res & color information added
created subdirectories with user-files
login-page with password authentication

PowerPhlogger 1.0.6                                              11-26-00
changed files: phlogview.inc, phlogger.php3
fixed bug where multiple-page-loggings didn't work
multiple-page numbers are now getting created "on the fly"
download-count added

PowerPhlogger 1.0.5                                              08-12-00
first public release

please report bugs on the forum:
  Philip Iezzi [webmaster@phpeee.com]

www.mysql.com www.php.net supported by SourceForge Phpee.com is hosted by Onlime.ch Webhosting