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Upgrade Instructions Archive

We strongly recommend NOT to use the following instructions as information might be outdated!!!

 2.2.0 - 2.2.1    
upload all files and then run the /upgrade/upd_2.2.0-2.2.1.php upgrade script.
Run /admin/setup.php and make sure all settings are still correct.
That's it.


 2.1.4d - 2.2.0    

  1. Untar or unzip the distribution (e.g. tar xzvf pphlogger-2.2.0.tar.gz)
  2. Open the file config.inc.php in your favourite editor and change the values for host, user, password, and database to fit your environment.
  3. Open the file <www.your-host.com>/<your-install-dir>/admin/setup.php in your browser. PowerPhlogger now loads the default configuration. Check the default configuration values and click 'next'. Go through the whole setup procedure till you get to the admin-area.
  4. run the upgrade-script: run <www.your-host.com>/<your-install-dir>/upgrade/upd_2.1.4d-2.2.0.php
    If the script breaks due to PHP's max_execution_time, just run it again and again, till it's done. If you got a huge amount of users/logs, this may take a while! Just don't press the reload-button while it's running!

upgrading from 2.2.0-RC1 to 2.2.0-RC2:
run /admin/setup.php and then run the /upgrade/upd_2.2.0-rc1-2.2.0-rc2.php
(you do not need to run upd_2.1.4d-2.2.0.php !!)

upgrading from 2.2.0-RC2 to 2.2.0:
run /admin/setup.php and then run the /upgrade/upd_2.2.0-rc2-2.2.0.php
(you do not need to run upd_2.1.4d-2.2.0.php !!)


 v.2.1.4c - 2.1.4d    

some more bugfixes... check the changelog for further information.
This time you don't need to run any upgrade scripts. Well, there is one: /upgrade/upd_2.1.4c-2.1.4d.php but this one is optional. It just changes some column types from BLOB to TEXT. That's just kind of a cosmetic change.
But please, update all your files. I do recommend to upload the whole directory and then rename the old one. Like that you wouldn't miss any file.


 v.2.1.4b - 2.1.4c    

another maintenance release... It's not terribly important to upgrade to this new version. If you do, please replace all your files with the new ones and then run /upgrade/screenres_refresh.php

You should also check the comments in login.php if you use a link on your page to directly login to your account. The variable 'username' is no longer valid, you need to use 'usr'.


 v.2.1.4 - 2.1.4b    

this new version is just a maintenance release. No new functionality has been added.
You don't need to run any upgrade scripts. Just replace the following files:

- /get_userdata.php
- /pphlogger.php
- /config.inc.php
- /image_gen.php
- /functions.php
- /messages/pphlogger.js
- /include/loglist.inc.php

Again, you should tell your users to upgrade their pphlogger.js !


 v.2.1.3(b) - 2.1.4    

[1] upload ALL files! Please make sure that you don't forget any file - best you just delete your whole pphlogger-dir and upload all the new ones.
[2] run /upgrade/upd_2.1.3-2.1.4.php
[3] run /admin/admin1.php - and click on the 'reload keywords' link.
[4] run /upgrade/agent_refresh.php to upgrade your agent strings with the new browser detection function. This might take a couple of minutes if you got a lot of logs. max_execution_time might break this script. If it's getting cut down in the middle, don't worry, your PowerPhlogger will also work with the old values.
[5] IMPORTANT!: Tell all your users to upgrade their pphlogger.js and the PowerPhlogger code. version 2.1.4 is still compatible with older pphlogger.js, but your users couldn't take advantage of the new features!
You could use the mailing-list feature in admin5 to inform your users about the new changes. Tell them to log into their account and download the new pphlogger.js in 'settings'. In the mailing-list message-field you could also use mySQL variables, e.g. %username%, %id%, %hits%,...

- that's it! I know that was kinda complicated, but you're going to manage that! :)


 v.2.1.2 - 2.1.3    

[1] upload all files!
[2] run /pphlogger/upgrade/upd_2.1.2-2.1.3.php3 - This may take quite a while. If the script breaks because of PHP's max_execution_time, don't worry - just run it again and again. If you need to run it more than once, don't worry about the errors (e.g. "error: Duplicate column name 'browser'").
You're done, as soon as you see the following message: "Your upgrade to v.2.1.3 was successful!"
[3] run /pphlogger/upgrade/screenres_refresh_2.1.3.php3 - this will change the screen-res of all your existing logs to the new format (e.g. 800 --> 800x600). Again, don't worry if your script breaks, just run it again and again.
[4] tell your users to download the new pphlogger.js - you can use the new mailing-list feature to send an email to all your customers (admin5). It is not necessary but recommended to update pphlogger.js. PowerPhlogger 2.1.3 will still work with the old file

[5] recommended: In case you got some entries in your xxxxx_mpdl tables that contain '#', '?' or '&' (e.g. "/something/test.html&no=purpose") and you want them to get removed, run /pphlogger/upgrade/mpdl_cleanup.php3


 v.2.1.1d - 2.1.2    

[1] upload all files! don't forget anything!
[2] run /pphlogger/upgrade/upd_2.1.1d-2.1.2.php3 - this will update your mySQL table-structure.


 v.2.1.1 - 2.1.1d    

[1] upload all files! - don't forget any file. There were changes in all of them, even the ones in subdirectories, don't forget any of them!
[2] run /pphlogger/upgrade/upd_2.1.1-2.1.1d.php3 - this will update your mySQL table-structure.


 v.2.1.0c - 2.1.1    

[1] upload all files! - don't forget any file. There were changes in all of them, even the ones in subdirectories, don't forget any of them!

[2] run /pphlogger/upgrade/upd_2.1.0c-2.1.1.php3 - this might take a while if you got a huge amount of logs in your user-tables

that's it!


 v.2.1.0b - 2.1.0c    

run /pphlogger/upgrade/upd_2.1.0b-2.1.0c.php3 and upload ALL files.

that's the only change in your tables:

ALTER TABLE pphlogger_users
   ADD lang char(2) DEFAULT 'en' NOT NULL;


 v.2.1.0 - 2.1.0b    

before uploading the new files, please run the upgrade script to update the mySQL table-structure:

you must upload all files, even the ones in /mysql or /admin.

changes are:
- GMT timezone support
- Top territories
- minor bugfixes


 v.2.0.9 - 2.1.0    

There have been a whole bunch of changes. Please upload all files!!

in order to update your mySQL table-structure, please run the following file: /pphlogger/upgrade/upd_2.0.9-2.1.0.php3

here's the changes:

ALTER TABLE pphlogger_users
   ADD ttf_file varchar(30) DEFAULT 'arialbd.ttf' NOT NULL,
   ADD ttf_size INT(2) DEFAULT '14' NOT NULL,
   ADD bg_c varchar(30) DEFAULT 'black',
   ADD fg_c varchar(30) DEFAULT '#C9C1FF',
   ADD bg_trans enum('Y','N') DEFAULT 'N' NOT NULL,
   ADD css varchar(30) DEFAULT 'phpeestyle.css' NOT NULL,
   ALTER timeout SET DEFAULT '1800',
   ALTER max_file_size_kb SET DEFAULT '300';

additionally, I've added the pphlogger_domains table.


 v.2.0.8 - 2.0.9    

First, update your mySQL-tables. The only change has been taken in pphlogger_users.
If you wish to do this manually, execute the following query:
ALTER TABLE pphlogger_users ADD demo enum('Y','N') DEFAULT 'N' NOT NULL;

instead you just run /pphlogger/admin/upd_2.0.8-2.0.9.php3 - this does the same and you don't need to worry about anything!

Then, please upload all new files.
There were changes in the following files:

config.inc.php3, phlogview.inc.php3, edit_user.php3, edit_userprofile.php3, cookie.php3, pphlogger.php3, ipcheck.php3, get_userdata.php3, phloggstyle.css, functions.php3, calendar.php3, changehits.php3, mysql_accounts.sql

create_user.php3, email_newuser.txt, pphlogger_send.php3, pphlogger.js, index.php3

You might as well just upload everything. Just don't forget to re-edit config.inc.php3

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